Melissa Kaylene: Ag Shop Adventures.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ag Shop Adventures.

Yesterday Noah's preschool went to the high school's AG shop. It's only a couple blocks to the preschool so we just all walked. It's the third year I've gone on this field trip because Emma went both years she was in the preschool too. The kids look around and ask questions about plants, then they each get to plant their own flower. 

This year it got a little exciting. 

While at the shop we had a sudden massive downpour. It seriously was the most rain I've seen in quite a while. Luckily Wayne had drove over from work, so he gave the preschool teacher a ride back to the church so she could get the van to take the kids back. The high school students were left trying to entertain the kids in the storm. They played Simon Says and other silly games. 

By the time the van came to pick us up the rain storm stopped, but the kids still wanted a ride - because riding a van is just so cool. ;)

What was just a tiny field trip turned into a memory that these little ones won't forget for a while.