Melissa Kaylene: Oh Ya, Relaxation and Organization!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Ya, Relaxation and Organization!

Happy Thursday! As usual, I climbed out of bed with two out of the three kids hollering for their morning 'coffee', which consists of warm milk and a teaspoon of creamer :). They are quite addicted to it these days. Then I got everyone ready, Anika went to school, took Emma to preschool, then Noah and I loaded up all of our recycle to turn it in, and a few other errands. Today was nothing special and out of the ordinary...until quiet time came....
The weather has been unusually gorgeous for this time of year around here, and amazingly both Noah and Emma fell asleep. So I threw on some old shorts and a tank top, grabbed a cool drink and a girlie book and snuck out onto the back deck to catch up on my Vitamin D. The normal part of me had to resist using this time for cleaning or catching up on things that needed to be done. I managed to stay out in that glorious sun for a whole hour before Anika came home and the Little's woke up. I am so glad that I seized the opportunity when it was available. Too often we just keep going and going and don't slow down to enjoy the little things in life, and relaxing in the sun is definitely one of them! Make sure you steal a little time to yourself every week when possible!

So, this IS Thursday, so I do want to show a little organization I have accomplished and feel slightly proud about. I actually did this a few weeks ago, and miraculously it is still in order. So one problem area we have always had is our storage under our TV console.....


Ya. BIG mess. There were old VHS, Cd's, Games, DVDs everywhere...the children LOVE to help me keep that organized....NOT. Well, its not perfect, but here's how it looks now.....


I bought a couple plastic bins from Walmart for a couple bucks and put them to work. On the top left next to the fax machine (I know, its ancient! LOL) is a little bin with CD'S, below that is all of our Wii stuff....I found a cute plastic pull out drawer that holds all of the game stuff now. On the Right side I have most of the DVDs/Cd's in zippered holders, I ditched the excess cases.  The middle right has more that I haven't finished going through yet, but at least they are all contained now. And there are some old VHS on the bottom. SO not perfect, but its a start and a huge improvement!

<3 Melissa

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  1. Looks GREAT!!! Man, I love organization!!! Sure need a lot here. Time to get rid of more stuff I guess. SOOOO glad you got time to yourself! Housework can wait, sanity can't! :-)