Melissa Kaylene: Life in January

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life in January

One thing is certain: 2013 sure isn't starting out slow.
Its January 23rd. So far this month:
I have had one person move out of my home, and another move in.
We have traveled 200 miles to a memorial service for Grandpa Howern.
I started a math and Spanish class two evenings a week.
I have worked more hours than usual with some night shifts, which has thrown off my schedule.
Our dryer motor died. Had to replace it.
My cell phone broke.
My camera broke.
I'm mentally exhausted. Stressed to my max to keep things running smooth for my kids. Juggling many hats, mom, nurse, coworker, sister, friend, housekeeper, scheduler, accountant,...Wonder Woman needs a break.
But I will inhale. And exhale.
I love my kids. My husband is very supportive. I have a good friend I can rely on.
Life goes on.
And I will love it.
I'm glad to be alive. I'm glad to be needed.
my silly kiddos

Inspiration I found in The Oregonian obituary section 1/20/13


  1. LOL Those photos are so funny, especially since I
    was watching while you took them! Those roses are
    gorgeous! You are right, January sure came out with a bang, didn't it? Let's hope Feb. 14th lasts all month long....

  2. hahaha they are so funny xD funny photos!!

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    visit my blog ^^

  3. New Follower! I found you via the GFC hop!! Love your blog.. when you have time stop over at and if you like what you see, follow back! Have a great week! K Jaggers