Melissa Kaylene: A Mother/Daughter Date.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Mother/Daughter Date.

I don't go out with just one of my children at a time very often.
Life is busy, time is short, and my husband has to be able to be home at the same time to watch the other kids, or visa-versa.
Well, I knew I needed to set some time aside to spend with Emma. Being the middle child I feel sometimes that she doesn't get as much attention as she deserves.
And I don't want that to happen.
So today I took her down to the Third Street Pizza shop where we split a Hawaiian pizza while watching Monster's University.
Her tiny body sat there barely able to keep the theatre seat down - in awe of the experience.
When the movie was over I asked her if she thought the movie was fun, and her reply was, "Momma, it wasn't was awesome!"
Afterwards we stopped over at Starbucks and she ordered a vanilla bean frappacino and I bought my usual iced grande triple shot non-fat white mocha. We sat outside in the beautiful sunshine sipping our drinks and gazing at birds. She loves birds.
She kept saying, "Thank you momma, I love having mommy days together."
After a couple more stops we headed back home for dinner, and Emma was in such a wonderful mood all evening.
They all need one on one attention from mommy's and daddy's. I'm glad we had a mother/daughter date.


  1. I love mommy daughter dates. That one on one time with the kiddo's is so special. One day all too soon we won't be cool enough to hold their hands while we browse the mall with them and they won't be caught dead at a kiddie movie with mom.

    So not looking forward to then and it makes me realize I need to do more mommy daughter dates.

    Glad you two had such a great time!

  2. Kids do deserve the time, and we benefit from it greatly too. :) Visiting today from Super Sunday Sync.