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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Typical Tuesday

Yes, I know its Friday, and I'm writing about Tuesday. Honestly I had full intentions on posting this on Tuesday, but it just seems like its been one of those weeks. I spent the last two days working my 'real' job and when I'm running kids around all morning and then working until 11 O'Clock at night I seem to get behind - on everything.

I was thinking about what my typical day looks like right now and just thought it would be fun to write it down and share it with you. They do vary day to day as Noah only has preschool three days a week and sometimes I have work or meetings to go to in the middle of the day, but on average this is what my day looks like right now - this is my typical Tuesday.

7:10 - Alarm goes off - hit snooze.

7:20 - Alarm goes off again.

7:25 - Peek my eyes ( well, squint one eye open actually) and check my emails on my phone.

7:35 - Drag myself out of bed and quickly get ready for the day and make sure the girls are all dressed, ready and fed for school.

8:05 - Noah and I walk Emma to school and drop her off, then walk home.

8:30 - Get Noah fed and ready for preschool.

8:55 - Drop Noah off.

9:15 - My time to go to the gym and/or run errands

10:45 - Back to pick up Emma from Kindergarten. We head home for 30 minutes and I'll normally do some housework real quick.

11:25 - Pick up Noah.

11:45 - Back home and I make lunch. the kids will normally watch a Nick Jr. cartoon while I do this.

12:30 - Eat lunch.

1:00 - The kids play while I try and catch up on emails or write.

1:30 - Quiet time. Yes, Noah will often still take a nap and Emma will go into her room to read of play quietly with her babies.

2:30 - The kids play while I finish up some work and get things ready for dinner later.

4:15 - Get things packed and ready, and go pick up Anika from her Tuesday after school kids club at church.

4:30 - Depending on the day we either have soccer practices or games starting between 4:30 and 5:15.

6:15 - Back home. We eat family dinner together.

6:45 - Homework time.

7:15 - The kids get ready for bed.

7:45 - Story times. We read at least one book with the kids before bed every night.

8:00 - Kids in bed!

8:30-Midnight - This is my time to catch up on writing, bills, blogging, scheduling, etc. I try to be in bed by midnight on most nights - but more often then not its 12:30 or so.

Then - Sleep. Repeat.

Sometimes I get tired thinking about all of the stuff I haven't done or need to catch up on, but then I try and remind myself that this doesn't last forever and someday I will probably long for these crazy days to be back again. None-the-less I'm longing for summer days already.

What is your typical Tuesday? (or any day for that matter). When do you wake up and go to bed?


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