Melissa Kaylene: Spring Showcase

Friday, June 6, 2014

Spring Showcase

A couple of weeks ago our grade school held it's Annual Spring Showcase. It's an afternoon where students show off all of the creative things that they have been working on for parents and families. There's always choreographed dances, tumbling, music, and the may pole. 5th graders who have written an essay are chosen to do the traditional may pole dance every year - twice at the Spring Showcase, as well as over at the high school May Day celebration.

Anika wrote the essay.

It was something that she had been waiting for since 1st grade when she saw it for the first time. The 5th graders help out a lot at the Spring Showcase and are encouraged to assist with the younger grades dances etc. My little girl that can't say no was out there on the blazing hot day performing all but 1 dance,  a song on her trumpet, the may pole dances, cartwheels.... you name it. I told her she doesn't have to do it all...but that doesn't stop her from trying.

She's got a couple more big events before this school year wraps up - there is a 5th grade talent show Monday where she is performing a dance that her and 4 other students have created, then they will have a repeat performance for the awards assembly. Tuesday is her last full day of school and I will be chaperoning her class on an all day field trip to Portland where the students will tour the Moda Center and where the Trailblazers practice, then they will do a walking tour as well as an hour long boat tour of the Portland bridges.

Then Wednesday she has a half of day at school to clear everything out.

And she will never be a grade school student again.

It will be a very exciting week for her, and a bitter sweet week for me as my eldest baby takes another step forward.



  1. Have I ever told you that I have a daughter named Anika too?

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