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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Soccer is Near

So I can't believe that it's seriously time to sign the girls up for soccer again! It seems like Anika just finished softball and like we should have another couple of months to go before fall activities begin - not weeks!

We've always had the girls in the McMinnville Parks and Rec, but Anika is now getting too old for it, yet there isn't any soccer offered in middle school, so if she wants to have a chance to play in high school (which there is a really good chance) I'm going to have to put her in a club and to be honest I was completely scared to do that.

#safeskinsports #sp Soccer is Near

I have always thought that being in a club always meant that you did a lot of traveling, which really isn't something that I can handle with all three of the kids being so young and having different activities, but I ended up finally looking online and doing a bit of research and learned some more information about the local club in this area and found out that Anika can be on a player development league and not travel - in fact she'd get to play at on the same fields that she has been playing on for the past few years and the cost isn't much more than what we've been paying either. 

Soccer is Anika's all-time favorite sport to play and if she had to give everything else up in order to continue to play I know that she would.

#safeskinsports #sp Soccer is Near

While I was doing my research online I also checked out a site called Pear Up. It's like a social engagement platform website that helps groups earn sponsorship from brands and it doesn't cost anything. The website matches your team up with organizations in the community and helps make sponsorship easier.

This quick video explains it a whole lot quicker than I can:

It seems really easy and groups can earn up to $1000 in a 10 day time frame. I'll have to wait until Anika gets placed on a team to try this out, but I thought if your kids were already on team you might want to check Pear Up out!

You can create your own Pear for your child's sports team HERE, or if you'd like you can  support the Pear of the team HERE.

Noah has wanted to start soccer too - but he won't be old enough until this next spring. I don't know if I'm ready for all three kids in sports! How do you manage all of your kid's schedules? I think I'll need all the tips I can get! :)

Full Disclosure: This post has been compensated, but as always all opinions are my own. For more information on working with me, visit my sponsorship page.

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