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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Living Locally: Brooks Wines

A few weeks ago I received a super last minute invite from fellow blogger Marlynn to meet up and head over to visit the new tasting room at Brooks Wines. They were holding a media and trade open house to view their new facility. I had never been up there before, but I knew it was close to where Wayne worked. I gave him a call to see how close it was and if he could get off of work a little early to watch the kids. It turns out that Brooks Wines was literally directly across the road from where he has been working for the past year! I ended up bringing the kids up there and dropping them off with him while he finished putting up some things and I headed across the road. The kids always love checking out the vineyards that he has worked in and make it a competition between them to see who can find the most dirt and get as filthy as possible!

The new tasting room is simply gorgeous! It's a two level area with two large decks that just feels like home when you walk in - I could see myself just living in a space like it if I could. It's just so inviting - exactly the look I imagine they were going for. They nailed it. There also happens to be this amazing view out in the Eola-Amity Hills, like I've said before, on a clear day you can see four mountains - Mt. St. Helens, Mt.Hood, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. Adams. The tasting room has a beautiful panoramic view overlooking them. 

There's a great mix of reclaimed wood meshed in with the new decor that kept me glancing at all of the details. Downstairs there is also a large wood-burning pizza oven off of the lower deck that just looked like it was waiting for a party. Marlynn and I toured the entire facility while tasting some of their infamous Rieslings. 

Sometimes the most impromptu out-of-the-daily-routine surprises can turn out to be real gems - I had no idea this beauty was simply a 15 minute drive from my house, and on a bright sunny day I'm slightly jealous that Wayne gets to work outside with these views - that is, until the rainy windy days come (and they're here now!)

If you're in the area or are looking for a new stop on your wine tasting journey I would definitely recommend spending an hour or two up here!

Brooks is located at 21101 SE Cherry Blossom Lane, Amity, 45 miles southwest of 
Portland, Oregon. The tasting room is open from 11-5 PM daily, except Monday.


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  1. WOW! It is just beautiful! Your shots are amazing! Someplace to visit for sure.