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Monday, December 15, 2014

Preschool Christmas Programs

Where oh where did this weekend go? I enjoyed a low key weekend – Anika had basketball games on Saturday, but I was happy that they were home games. Today Wayne worked and I spent the day cleaning and getting rid of a bunch of stuff in the kids’ rooms. I don’t do it enough and if you have kids you know how quickly it can get out of hand! With Christmas right around the corner I wanted to make sure that they had a clean slate to start with before they added a bunch of new presents in the mix. 

Tomorrow night we will be heading to Anika’s choir and band program – but today I just had to share photos from Noah’s Christmas program that we watched last Thursday. There is just something SO adorable about watching preschoolers perform for friends and family. I absolutely love that age, and how excited and proud they get over their moment to shine. Noah had a grin from ear to ear – and after their program they always play a video with photos from what the kids have been doing in preschool for the first half of the year. Noah sat on my lap and held my hand while he excitedly pointed out when he saw his face up on the screen.

After the slideshow we all gathered around and tasted many treats with a dessert buffet. The kids don’t usually get to take a plateful of goodies but this was a special occasion, and they loved it. By the end of the evening all of the preschoolers were sugared up and running around with tons of energy!

This was Noah’s last preschool Christmas program, and after four consecutive years of attending the annual event (two years of Emma followed by Noah) it’s a little sad for me. I’m happy that they are growing and learning, but sometimes I feel that it’s all moving too fast and I’m not ready. My entire life I’ve had babies and toddlers and I’m on the verge of saying goodbye to that phase.

One program down – two more to go. I love this time of the year.


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