Melissa Kaylene: Family Milestones

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Family Milestones

Melissa Kaylene @melissakaylene // Photo by The Picture People

I know I've mentioned on here how I really don’t do New Year’s ‘Resolutions’, but there’s definitely been a few things weighing on my mind about changes happening this year.

1. I turn 30 this summer

2. In September all three of my kids will be in school all day.

I keep reflecting back on my 20’s, there were many ups and a few downs, lots of changes and growth, but they've slipped away so fast. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye. I remember in moments of sheer exhaustion from sleepless nights and crying babies how I used to count the years until I turned 30 and would finally be able to have a 7 hour break every day during the school year, and now that it’s drawing near I’m slightly sad. The past twelve years of my life, my entire adult life, I've always had a little one on my hip or at my side, and as tiring as it was, I’m going to miss it.

Melissa Kaylene @melissakaylene // Photo by The Picture People
Melissa Kaylene @melissakaylene // Photo by The Picture People

It seems like every time I log on to my Facebook account so many of my friends are going place to place, running around from activity to obligation, and I realize that that has been me this past year. I know it won’t get any better this year with Noah starting sports in addition to the girls, but I really want to try and focus on one day at a time so I don’t feel overwhelmed – so I can slow down and really enjoy the changes this year, and cherish the next six months while they are still the same. 

Melissa Kaylene @melissakaylene // Photo by The Picture People
Melissa Kaylene @melissakaylene // Photo by The Picture People

 Lately I've felt more content just staying at home with the family, versus the need to go everywhere. There’s a bunch of home projects we are going to work on this year and I’m also making wiser choices on what fuel I’m putting in my body after two months of over indulgence.

Melissa Kaylene @melissakaylene // Photo by The Picture People

This year will have big family milestones, and even though it scares me, I’m going to embrace the change.

*Photo Credits: The Picture People

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  1. I turn 30 next week. Where has the time gone? and also same as you, that in september all my kids will be at school full time.

    Lovely photos,

    Natasha x
    Serenity You