Melissa Kaylene: A Single Snow Day

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Single Snow Day

The Joel Palmer House 
Snow -you love it, hate it, or are somewhere in between. Here in Oregon the mountains are a top destination place to in the wintertime, but here in the valley we can go several years without a single snowflake, and other years we can be surprised with a few inches on the ground. I am always excited for some snow, because it brings back fond memories from when I was a kid.

My kids are just the same.

At the beginning of our winter break, the weather was very close to snowing. So close we could see a few snowflakes mixed in with the rain. The kids stared out the windows all afternoon and even went so far as to make up “snow songs” (as opposed to rain dances I suppose). Hearing a 5 year old boy singing about ‘letting it snow’ is the most adorable thing ever by the way.

Well, we never did get snow that day, but last Sunday, on the last night of our winter break we had a little surprise when we woke up. Over an inch of snow that none of us had anticipated. We all were mesmerized at the blanket of white that filled the yards and streets. To make our winter break even more exciting it ended up being extended one day as school was cancelled Monday due to ice. We sat around and watched the snow slowing melt away Monday as we relished one last day together from our leisurely (and much needed) 2 week break.

Miss Emma’s birthday is on the 14th of this month, and she’s decided that instead of having a birthday party she wants to go and play in the snow, so I have booked one night up at the Timberline Lodge on the 18th. We’ve never been up to Mt. Hood before and are VERY excited! Have you ever been there before? I’d love some snow tips as we have never skied, snowboarded, etc. before! :)

We’ve got snow fever and are counting down the days until we can play again. :)


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