Melissa Kaylene: Financial Goal Update - February

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Financial Goal Update - February

I thought it would be great to post on here periodically concerning my financial goals that I have discussed briefly a couple times in the past.
Last month I laid out a payoff plan for many of our bills and I tightened up our budget so that we can get our credit card paid off and continue to work towards my ultimate goal: A trip to Italy for my 30th birthday and financial Independence. (Read my January financial goals here.)
My first goal was to have my dental bill paid off in January - DONE!
Next goal was to have my husbands dental bill paid off in February. - it will be paid off March 10th! I did a little rearranging because.....
My April goal was to have our Expedition paid off....and I just sent my payoff amount in today! I'm SO happy and excited that we have paid it off early!
Things haven't been exactly how I wanted them to be, I've had to modify our budget here and there, but having a budget makes that so much easier to do. Starting out with the smaller bills in the beginning really has helped motivate me. Now we can really start chunking down our credit card bill as much as possible, and begin to contribute to our savings account for vehicle repairs, and emergencies. 
We did come short $330 towards my goals towards the credit card payments, but having the car paid off early will free up extra cash next month to hopefully pay extra.
Thanks for keeping me accountable!
Do you have any financial goals you are working towards? Any dream Italy vacations for you? I'd love to hear them!



  1. Yes! Great job!

    We just paid off our truck early and it feels amazing! $400 a month amazing!

    And then all we have is one more credit card and no debt! Working toward buying a new house next year.

  2. I am so proud for you! Often, putting your goals in writing and putting them in front of you makes them seem more attainable. Especially when you can cross them off that list as you reach them! Good job! Swinging through with the blog hop. Check me out @ when you have the time. Thanks!

  3. Wow, you are an amazing lady! Keep up the good work! Getting your life under control and working within your budget are great skills.

    I just dropped by from Linking with my Ladies. I will be following you. I can't wait for the trip to Italy, the descriptions and the pictures. I went to France last spring and then went to London, Paris, Switzerland, and Germany in the fall.

  4. That is so encouraging for me, and awesome for you! I was wondering....what plans
    or goals are you making to be "financially independant"? I noticed that you said that last month too. Do you mean without bills? Or being your own boss? (Boy would THAT be great!)

  5. financial goals-yes! Dream Italy vacation-Yes!! We are hoping to go to Italy when we pay off our credit cards... after that it's just student loans! Yuck! Student loans are the worst. But thankful we have our educations! Way to go meeting your goals!! So encouraing! Following from the Aloha hop!

  6. Thanks everyone! Your comments help keep me encouraged! @Teresa what financial independance means to me is having the freedom to not be tied down with monthly payments. Think about it, someone could be earning say 100,000 a year, but if they have mortages, car payments, credit card payments, and then they have very little expendable cash afterwards and are not free. But someone who say only earns 50,000 but has no mortgage and no loan payments or debt is the real rich person. Just hypothetical, but you get my point :). And of course I would love to someday be my own boss if possible. :)