Melissa Kaylene: May 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Emma's First Spring Showcase

You guys – I can’t believe May is almost over!! The girls will finish school on June 10th, but Noah finished preschool yesterday and had his graduation last night. It was so adorable! (I’ll post pictures later) Last week though, Emma participated in her first Spring Showcase. It’s an hour long event held at the grade school one afternoon in May annually – you may remember me writing about it before last year, when it was Anika’s last Spring Showcase. Dances, jump rope tricks, and of course the May Pole entertain parents and siblings. Emma participated in two things this year, a hula hoop dance and a parachute dance.

It also happened to be the last year for someone who has played a major role in our Spring Showcase celebrations for the past 36 years – Mr. B. He has been the P.E. teacher for over half of his life and is retiring after this year and passing the responsibilities to the new teacher. He is one of those teachers that everyone remembers – and I’m glad that Anika had him throughout grade school and Emma got to know him a little bit over the past two years. His farewell Spring Showcase turned out great, and the weather cooperated nicely.

Traditions are such an important thing in childhood – it’s the moments that we remember growing up, not the days. Traditions are the things that we can look back on and then smile – and things that we can pass down. I’m glad that my kids can be a part of this tradition and that I have the ability and flexibility in my schedule to watch and document these memories! 


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memories From Last Week

Hello everyone! This past three day weekend has definitely thrown me off a bit – I’m still in Monday mode and Tuesday is half over! We’ve been keeping pretty busy around here with all of the end of the year school events and activities with the kids, but this past weekend we were able to just hang out around the house, eat lots of good food, sip on hard strawberry lemonade, and relax for a bit. It’s crazy how exhausting doing nothing is! ;)

I’ve been doing a lot of walking this past week.  A week ago I made a lofty to walk a certain amount of miles before my thirtieth birthday (which is two weeks away). I’m not sure if I’ll be able to accomplish it or not, but I’m giving it all I’ve got. You know I’ll share more about it later!

Today marked Noah’s last week of preschool, and this Thursday he will be graduating. I know I’ve talked about it a bunch before, but I’ve had the same routine at that preschool for four consecutive years with Emma, and then Noah, and I know that Noah is very excited, but I’m a little sad. These kids are just growing up too fast.

The last photo I’m sharing is of Anika and a classmate on twin day. She had spirit week at the middle school and Thursday was twin day. I had never met her ‘twin’ before. She came home and told me she had the perfect twin and that they would wear matching shirts. When I saw the two of them together I just HAD to take a picture! Two girls looking so much alike in such a small town…how cute are they?

Well I’m off for the afternoon – I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and were able to make lots of memories with people you love!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Softball Scenes

Hello! I hope you are having a great Memorial weekend so far and are having fun and making lots of memories. We are just hanging out around the house which is a nice change! No soccer, no softball, no T-ball.... we officially have the weekend off! These are some photos I took from Emma's game this past Thursday. She ended up making it around all the way to third base and was so proud of herself! It's always great when something small like that gives such a large confidence boost.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last Weekend With Luke Bryan in Photos

23 hours in Tacoma last weekend was fast - but fun! Luke Bryan was at the Tacoma Dome along with Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser - all three were fun performers! This is the third large concert I've attended since November ... and this one was a present from my dear friend as an early 30th birthday gift!! The countdown to 30 is on...three more weeks my friends! :)