Melissa Kaylene: Ladybug Love

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ladybug Love

It may just have been the best $8.99 I spent for entertainment. I was at our local garden store buying a few vegetable plants for our mini garden, and as I was checking out I spotted them: live ladybugs.
I don't know about you, but my children adore ladybugs. They are their favorite bug. They get all excited when they find one outside.
Their face's lit up when they saw the 1500+ live ladybugs. We cut the top of the bag open and slowly set them free. Emma had ladybugs crawling up and down her arms, on her back; in her hair. It was ladybug heaven.
We must have been out there for over an hour playing with all those ladybugs.
It was so much fun.



  1. Great idea, and terrific photos. Makes me long for when my now-17-year-old daughter was little. I'm visiting from the blog hop; stop by and see me at

  2. hi thanks for sharing this cute post as with terri makes me wish my kids where little again.If you get time come and visit me