Melissa Kaylene: a walk.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

a walk.



     The rains are here today. But yesterday, the weather was still nice. I had a few hours with just Noah so we decided to go for a walk. Normally I walk/jog after the kids go to bed a couple times a week around the high school track, but yesterday we decided to take a stroll around our small town. I love small towns. I love walking past old houses and yards full of history, full of life. I love the old churches with steeples full of character. Everything seems so much more magnificent when you open your eyes to explore the little things.



  1. Beautiful Pictures :) Looks like a fun day out with your little man.

    I also added your party to my party list:>

  2. What an interesting building. The military building looks like they put the top floor on crooked when they moved the building lol. I guess it was built that way but I wonder why.
    I love the look of old churches as well. The history of many towns \re documented in these churches with the marriages, baptisms and deaths of the locals.