Melissa Kaylene: Just another week in Oregon.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Just another week in Oregon.


I've said it before, but I'll say it again. The weather here in Oregon the past week has been a dream. All weekend long we were just above 80 which is crazy for the beginning of May, but worked out wonderful for Noah's third birthday party we had yesterday (I'll post pictures soon!)
Last week was full of events; an in home dinner party with a friend, the Jane Austen faire with the family, Shopping trips and getting the backyard ready for company. My dad and his wife came up and visited for the weekend as well.
 The pictures above:
1. Anika running towards the State Capital as we explored downtown Salem
2. Noah having a big boy coffee date with me.
3. Emma, riding her bike to preschool.
 4. Three little munchkins heads when we ran to Wilco and purchased mulch; they thought it was so cool watching it get loaded into our trailer.
5. Mother/daughter "duck face." Need I say more?
6. Snippets from the Jane Austen Faire. It was an adorable little event at the Ike box in downtown Salem, packed with lots of women shopping for wonderful handmade treasures. The amazing mosaics were found at the YMCA just up the block.
7. A fun tree we discovered, perfect for the kids.
This week will be sure to have more adventures: night shifts (I know, exciting!), a preschool field trip to see helicopters, Family Fun Fair at the grade school, meetings, and a little thing called Mother's Day. :)
What exciting things do you have planned this week? I'd love to hear! :)


  1. Seems so fun . I always love to spend my time with my mom and I can see your little ones are having that joy too .
    Found you from The collective :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Hi! We found your blog while hanging out in the blogsphere and glad we did! Cute family too. Stop by to say hello and join our Brag About It link party - share one of your fantastic ideas with other bloggers. Great friend-maker.

    Best of days! Sharon and Denise @

  3. Ah Oregon festivals. Your blog always makes me miss home. Alas the trials of the military. You have an adorable family and I always enjoy the photos you share of them (and my homestate ;D).

    1. thank you! I love the diversity we have here in Oregon, and the sheer number of activities and adventures we can have exploring the state! Mountain's, rivers, snow, beaches,.....we really are lucky here :)

  4. Stumbled upon your cute little blog have such a sweet little family! I was just in Portland visiting some of my children and it was so beautiful there!! You are indeed so very lucky! Blessings to you and your family from North Dakota. :-)