Melissa Kaylene: Helicopter Heaven

Monday, May 13, 2013

Helicopter Heaven

Last week parents from the preschool all loaded up their children and we drove to a local helicopter training facility. 18 preschoolers (and some siblings) had the time of their life.
We went around and looked at all the different types of helicopters and then, they got to watch one land. And not just one of those tiny ones. It. Was. Big.
The kids were in awe.
Then, they all got to climb aboard. And all of the kids fit on the helicopter. Our 'guide' told us that it used to fly in mail to Afghanistan to the troops, but now its retired from that job and is used as a training helicopter.
Then they all had snacks at picnic tables under the shade from an old black walnut grove and put together helicopter and airplane crafts.
The weather was perfect.
The kids all did fabulous.
What an amazing experience for little eyes.
Emma only has a couple more weeks of Preschool left. Then its graduating to the big Kindergarten. But Mr. Noah is more than ready to take her spot next year and be the big school boy as well.


  1. My hubby works on USAF helicopters, and every so often they get some kids that come by. He loves the looks on their faces when they get to climb aboard and touch stuff. This looks like a great field trip!

  2. Now THAT will make an awesome memory!!!