Melissa Kaylene: Little girl growing up.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Little girl growing up.

I made it through my crazy month of work! Today is my first day at home, with no schedules; no deadlines (until tomorrow!) and Wayne took the two little ones up to the Ag Fest in Portland so it was just Anika and I for a few hours. We made some delicious red velvet brownies that I’ll be sharing on here tomorrow and then I helped her pick out an outfit for a middle school dance she’s going to attend this evening.

She wanted me to take her over to her best friend’s house for a couple of hours before the dance so they could “hang out” (aka get ready and gossip!) and even though I was enjoying time with just the two of us I caved in and let her go over – but not without a couple of pictures first.

After I dropped her off and arrived back home I sat down for a moment and thought. It’s been so busy lately that I haven’t had much opportunity to do that, and I couldn’t help but think on how fast the kids are all growing – they’ll all be in school full time this fall – and how much my little girl is turning into a young lady.

She’s just finished up her first semester in middle school along with her first experience having finals in each class. She’s only a year and a half away from becoming a teenager. Where did the time go?

I’m glad I took those photos of her, and even though it was more of a twirl, a smile, and a “Can we go now?” moment at the time – she’ll thank me someday for capturing these moments that she can pass down to her daughters, and she’ll understand what a huge milestone it is – for the both of us – as I watch this little girl growing up. 


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