Melissa Kaylene: Last Weekend With Luke Bryan in Photos

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last Weekend With Luke Bryan in Photos

23 hours in Tacoma last weekend was fast - but fun! Luke Bryan was at the Tacoma Dome along with Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser - all three were fun performers! This is the third large concert I've attended since November ... and this one was a present from my dear friend as an early 30th birthday gift!! The countdown to 30 is on...three more weeks my friends! :)



  1. Honestly, I must be in the dark ages....I don't know who any of those singers are, but it sure looks like you had a great time! Yes, the count down is on! LOL

  2. Oh my gosh. How fun! I love Luke Bryan! I'm seeing him this summer and am so excited!

  3. What a wonderful birthday gift! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Happy early birthday!

  4. It looked like you had a lot of fun. I miss going to concerts. Its a bummer because I live in Vegas and there are always several concerts I want to attend. O well maybe in another life. ha ha ha I LOVE the one with the guy who photo bombed your pick.