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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life Lately

Hello! It’s been a few days…but it feels like it’s been quite a while since I just sat down to write about what’s going on around here. We’ve been keeping busy this week – Anika did some soccer camp and Emma, Noah, and I explored downtown Salem in the mornings while she was busy.  This evening Emma’s softball team all met up one last time at the Brookside Inn in Carlton and we had a picnic to celebrate the end of softball season.

I also had a hair appointment today as well, so between talking with my hair dresser for three hours, then chatting with a couple other moms at the gathering tonight, I’m feeling a little more connected and content. Sometimes it’s hard being home a lot with the kids – don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing, however, when I sit here and work from my computer or only hang out with them; I do tend to get a little lonely and miss that adult interaction – so today was good for me. All of the kids explored the grounds at the Inn and walked around on the trails and made s’mores in the fire pit. It was a good evening.

I just wanted to check in since the next couple of days will be busy – heck I’m supposed to be awake in 5 hours to go to work and I’m obviously still up. I think it may be a multiple coffee day tomorrow.

Not to ramble on too much, but I’ve been working ‘behind the scenes’ lately too – yesterday I finally broke down and created an updated media kit that I can send to people and companies about this little space of mine here on the Internet. I’ve been overwhelmed with emails and have talked about creating a media kit for quite some time now, so last night I spent a couple hours and finally got something done. It’s going to make going through all of those emails a lots easier now.

I know, it’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it. J

Cheers to Friday my friends - I hope you have an amazing weekend and spend time with people you love. I’ll be chatting again real soon! J



  1. Hi Melissa,

    Staying at home with kids is super stressful. I did it for two years then went back to work. I felt a ton of guilt about it but realized that I'm a better mom/wife whenever I'm challenged outside of the home. My girls were a lot younger at the time too so there wasn't much to do. Sounds like you're keeping busy with camps and outings. I think that if I were to try the stay at home mom thing now I would enjoy it more because I could do all the outings and my girlies would be old enough to appreciate them.

    One of the great things about blogging is getting to keep up with other adults. :)


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! It's definitely a challenge when you stay at home AND when you are a working mom. I've been on both sides of the spectrum and I agree - I'm the kind of person who would always be finding something to keep me busy if I was just staying at home....hence this blog. ;) With all three of my children finally attended school all day long this fall, I've had a lot of parents ask me if I'll be returning to nursing full time, and my answer? No! Not right now. Not unless I financially have too. What I'm doing right now is working for us, and I'm enjoying it. Plus, maybe the house will be a little cleaner and dinner will actually be planned again when I have a couple hours at home alone. :)