Melissa Kaylene: Why You Shouldn’t Make Everything From Scratch This Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why You Shouldn’t Make Everything From Scratch This Thanksgiving

We hosted our Thanksgiving early this year. It wasn’t big, wasn’t elaborate, but it was memorable.

In years’ past I always got caught up with the hustle and bustle, trying to be Miss perfect and create everything myself - and all from scratch. Sure the food tasted good (most of it anyways!) but I was left tired, worn out, and stressed out.

I wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

Over the years I’ve started getting smarter, learning to pick my food battles, as well as delegate tasks (which was really hard to me to start doing), and you know what? Last Sunday we all spent the afternoon in the kitchen dicing, chopping, peeling, and singing holiday songs as we prepared our meal together.

You see, it’s not always just the sit down dinner part that’s important, but the time spent leading up to it.

Anika made pumpkin and apple pie all by herself, and we bought some refrigerated pie crusts that she rolled out and used.

We made cranberry chutney on the stove (recipe HERE) and green bean casserole with fresh green beans. My Dad made mashed potatoes and experimented with sausage and fresh rosemary and make something tasty.

Anika made homemade whipped cream and my Dad mixed it with store bought canned fruit to make a fruit cocktail.

We baked store bought biscuits and I “doctored up boxed stuffing - by adding celery, onions, bacon, sausage, and hazelnuts to the mix.

The meal was all about compromising. Some things were made, some were bought, and all were enjoyed. The meal was all meshed together, and made with love.

It was a relief to have so many helping hands in our tiny kitchen, and I didn’t worry about cleaning up the floor or washing the sinkful of dishes before we ate, and I even stayed in my sweats right up until dinner time.

This Thanksgiving, do what makes you happy, and don’t sweat the little stuff. Chances are, nobody will even question whether or not you made the pie crust by hand or used a seasoning packet in your stuffing...and  even if they do, who cares? The important part is spending time with people you love and making the day memorable.


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