Melissa Kaylene: Insta*Love and Almost Fall Randomness ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Insta*Love and Almost Fall Randomness ;)

Once again, its been way too long ;). Happy September! Happy soon-to-be fall! I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor day, and is starting to get back into the swing of the hustle and bustle of school starting and such. Last Friday if you recall, I had my end of summer BBQ party, and it turned out great. It was also a full moon that night, and a Blue moon at that. Pretty sweet timing. I haven't finished editing the photo's from that yet though, so you will just have to wait a wee bit longer!
I know I am still in shock on how fast this Summer flew by. We had lots of good times, and I am trying to gather all of my favorite photos and highlight our summertime fun. I also LOVE fall, and I think I've shared my excitement on here for soccer and pumpkin spice lattes, Pumpkin patches and Halloween. I know its going to get even busier around here! October's are insane, because my husband starts harvest in the vineyard, and is pretty much MIA most of the month :). It takes alot of hard work to get that Vino on your table!
I'm also currently devising a plan on how to make a sweet amount of freezer meals in one day and get together with a friend or two and crank out a bunch of dinners for these upcoming chaotic weeks....stay tuned for that!
One other thing that I plan to do it Organise more! It will be slightly easier with one in school full time, and then Emma starts preschool next week, so they wont all be here all the time to mess things up! I will be so glad to get the little home back in some sort of order.
On a completely random side note....I was able to sneak out for a few hours last night and see Jake Owen in lucky was I??? If you are a country music gotta love that Florida native boy. It was my last summer fun :).
Check out some of my recent Instagram pics....they are about as random as I! You can always follow me @ melissakaylene if you're totally bored!

me trying that sally's stick em nail polishes....actually worked really good! (never mind that little piece up there I messed up on ;)

Roma's!!! Can you believe it! I grew something! Look at all of my bountiful fruits!

Camping cork screw= good idea.
me, in the middle of blackberry bushes! I had so many cuts and scraps, BUT about 3 gallons of tasty fruit frozen in my freezer now!

war wounds

the hubs and I

Emma. Stargazing.
Carolyn and I at my BBQ.

And Anika...on her first day of 4th grade!




  1. Melissa! Your hair is red again! It's gorgeous! I just wanted to post a comment on here to thank you for all the time you put in to making this wonderful blog. I check back frequently, looking forward to what you have put together! Rock on, my dear daughter, rock on!

    1. I think it just depends on the lighting and flash of the camera, because I've noticed in some pictures it is SO much redder looking than others! We'll see what I decide next month when I get it re-done...have kept the same colors in it for about a year now....