Melissa Kaylene: BBQ Backyard Bash!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

BBQ Backyard Bash!

I'm baaaack. You know you missed me. I couldn't stay away. So I've been in mega cleaning mode the past two days. My poor little dude has been sick (again!) and so we've been hanging out at the house, which is good because that way I accomplish more, and spend less money. Believe me, there is way more than enough projects to keep me busy around here. One of these days I may even post and brag about my progress.

Okay, I know I've been talking about it, and here it is finally: Photo recap from our Blue Moon BBQ and Bunko End of Summer Party!

 I set four tables up in the backyard....I didn't get all fancy like I did with Anika's Birthday, (sewing my own table clothes and Birthday Banner) I went to Costco and picked up a package of disposable Vanity Fair tablecloths, and then used some old brown wrapping paper I had and cut it down and made table runners. Then I cleaned out a bunch of random jars that I have been saving and filled them with tea lights, and Viola! Instant decor. That is a bowl full of peanuts by the way. ;)

Aww, the food. We always have a feast. Here's just some of it. Tasty homemade burgers from a grass fed cow. We went in half's last year with my brother in law and bought a cow. You really can taste the difference. And its so much better knowing how it was raised!
There's also a layered cob salad, whole grain tostida chips with mango salsa (its SO good!), and I made meat,olive and cheese skewers (those didn't last long!) and we had potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, etc...all the goods!

Some of the deserts, oh, and I had a little Solo Cup fun. I set out a sharpie so everyone could write their names on their cups....but then I decided to have some fun and googled "funny made up names" and pre-named them all! It was a blast :)

My delish burger!

 Me and my BFF Carolyn, sipping on "Blue Moon" Riesling!

 My BFF Jessica and I, after the Riesling ;)

Auntie Carolyn, and Anika....pouting about going to bed :).

View of my back deck, I didn't have the extra cash to buy new lights, so I broke out the Christmas lights and strung them up for some extra sparkle.

Well, there was a little snippet of some of the fun we had that evening. I try to have get togethers with everyone twice a year. Once at the end of summer, and another around the holidays. Life gets so busy, we don't all gather together often I'm the unofficial facilitator. ;)


P.S.! I almost forgot! My  Old Fashioned Homemade Apple Pie was Featured at The Vintage Farmhouse! How lucky am I? ;) Thanks!!


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  2. Looks awesome! I wish I had more time to throw my own. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at True Aim!

  3. Love your simple, yet elegant decor. Stopping by from the weekend blog walk.

  4. I love the look of the brown paper and jars it looks perfect for a BBQ set up. Im always at a loss as to how to decorate for a BBQ, I dont want it to look too formal but I do like to go to a bit of effort on the tables. Will definately be doing this at my next BBQ :)

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