Melissa Kaylene: Financial Goals

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Financial Goals

     Hey everyone. I hope you are having a fun, productive weekend. Mine is being spent working the night shift, so it's all kind of a sleep deprived blur at the moment. :) Today I've got money on the mind (perhaps because of the work, and trying to reassure myself that the lack of sleep is completely worth it).

     I've just barely touched base with you on here before about my financial goals (here) and my dreams (here ) Well, I want to dive a little bit deeper. I won't say specifics as of now, but I'll give you a little timeline I've created in coorilation with our new financial plan.

Jan 2013: my dental bill will be paid off.
Feb. 2013: my husbands dental bill will be paid off.
April 2013: Our car will be paid off, and we will start contributing (finally) to savings.

Jump down to:

April 2014: All of our credit card debt will be gone!
Dec. 2014: 
                  1. We will have 3 months of income in our emergency savings.
                  2. I will have all of the money I need for my dream Italy vacation.

I know Decemeber 2014 seems like a long ways away, but in reality, with the number of dollars I'm looking at here, 23 months is dedicated, and impressive ;) just paying off our dental bills and car payment will free up a lot of extra money every month - money I will use to pay off our visa.

I realized something had to change. June 2015 I will be 30. 30 is when I want to go to Italy. I don't want to have to ever 40+ hours a week for someone else, and I'd love if my husband could cut back on his hours.

This is my motivation: Financial Independance.

What are your financial goals?




  1. Wow. I may just print out that picture for inspiration! All I'm saving for is a Wacom Bamboo Tablet, and hope to get my own credit cards down! LOL You've got a great plan! Think I'll write one. Can't wait to see you get to Italy! (Take lots of art photos for me!)

  2. I hope you’d be able pay everything in time and according to plan. I know you’re excited to be debt free, but don’t focus too much on your destination. It’s the journey that would teach you your personal weak spots and spending trends. And acting against them can save you more money, which can reduce your debts. ;]