Melissa Kaylene: Italy, my love. {Goals & Dreams}

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Italy, my love. {Goals & Dreams}

  If you know me at all, you know I have many dreams. One of those dreams includes traveling to Italy. I'm not quite sure when it was that I decided I was going to fall in love with Italy, but it was a long time ago. For nearly ten years now I have dreamed of seeing the architecture in Rome, the artwork throughout the regions; there is so many things to see I know my visit will have to be two weeks. Even then there will be so much I won't be able to do.
Italy, my love.
I will travel to throughout Tuscany and sample wines from vines planted generations ago.
I will sit at an authentic cafe' and have a latte' or espresso, or whatever it is they make good there, and just people watch.
I will stuff myself with gelato.
I will visit the Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Pisa (and its leaning tower)
I will visit the lost city of Pompeii.
And wouldn't it be so grand to take a cooking class and make my own Italian feast, in Italy?
Oh the food, I love Italian cuisine so much. And all of the regions have different 'flares'. Dinner isn't rushed so much as it is in America. A pizza is usually ordered as an evening snack, and the real meal won't start until later in the evening, and can go on and on into the night.
I would love to ride a bicycle through the countryside.
And fly in a hot air balloon over the rolling hills.
I would sit there in awe looking at the beaches, and beauty of it all.
Oh the history of this place I dream to go.
And I haven't even mentioned anything about Venice or Sicily yet.
Sigh, like I said, two weeks won't be enough, I will have to limit my travels, this time.
It is my goal to visit Italy and have my dream vacation when I am 30. That's three years away. Not that far off for the lavish time I plan on having. You see, when I go, I plan to go all out. This will be the trip of a life time.
Oh yes, the shopping. I nearly forgot about Gucci, and Prada! Not that I will buy much from them, but I am most definitely buying myself little pieces of Italy to bring home.
So my friends, it is time for me to crack down on our finances and spending, get all of the bills paid off, and start saving for my dream.
I might need a little encouragement along the way. :)
But this is my dream.
And we all need to follow our own.


  1. Almost all of these places are on my bucket list. I'd love a 2 month excursion to Italy!

    New follower via GFC Blog Hop :)

    The Pretty Pinhead

  2. I have always wanted to go to Italy! It is at the top of my list! I am your newest follower from the BlogWorking Wednesday Hop! :)

  3. It's always good to have a dream. You can do it!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog award. You can see it here.
    ♥ Terrie ♥

  4. I SO want to go!! Stopping by from the hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

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  6. Hi there.

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  7. We just got back from a Mediterranean cruise last week, and Italy was by far my favorite! You're so right though, you need to take awhile and soak up all the amazingness! Because we were on a cruise, we were only in each city (Florence, Rome, Naples, and Venice) for a day. We were also able to get to Chianti, Sorrento and Positano, but only for a few hours in each place. I mourned leaving! But now I know that I will be needing a trip just to Italy in my future - to do all the things you've listed! Ciao!

    Amanda -

  8. So... when do we leave? I love this. Cheers to your dreams being your very own and to Italy, one day being your sweet reality.

    I'm following ya now from the wiegand's, another blog that is so full of light and love and goodness. If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love it if you'd join me at where we're riding the wave of life one little adventure at a time and are writing the stories as we go along. Every Friday we link up and share aloha if you're up for it we'd love to have you with us.

    Happiness Everyday.

  9. Oh I SO want to visit there :) beautiful photos.

  10. This is a great dream! I will be waiting for a post after your trip to Italy!!!!! I am just coming back from Europe and wish I was still there!

    Good to have found your blog!