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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Ramblings

 I have to admit, I'm still amazed that it is already March! This year is flying by so fast; they seem to do that when you have children.

 I was a little upset the other day when I received my work schedule for this month. Too many night shifts for me. Only two per week, but anymore it is next to impossible for me to get enough sleep to function properly and it takes me days before I'm feeling back to normal. One of the nurse's is out, so I get to fill in. The extra money will help, but it's going to wear me out. I don't know how those of you do it full time. I used too.... back when I had one baby, not three. I'm tired just thinking about it.

 The kiddos must be going through a growth spurt, sleeping in longer, whiny, fighting more, and Noah has a cold on top of it which makes it even harder. But yesterday, for about thirty minutes, they got along. Emma decided she was going to make me lunch, so she went in her room and got her princess table and set it up and enlisted Noah as her assistant. I was instructed not to look as they prepared my meal, so I played along. I could over hear her telling Noah, "We need to make mom healthy nurse food! No candy." And healthy they did! A big pile of greens, apples, string cheese and yogurt galore! Oh, and a jar of my homemade pickles! (Recipe here.) 

 I was proud of the fact that they know what healthy food is, but I'm not so sure about this 'nurses don't eat junk food and candy' stuff. ;) Emma said, "Nurse's eat nourishing food!"

It was cute.

 Anika's first soccer game of the season is today! Unfortunately Wayne has a class all day and will not be able to make I will be there with the little two cheering on! I can't imagine how hectic the schedule will become when Emma starts kindergarten and begins having her own schedule....and then when all three are in activities! I will have be be perfecting my wonder woman skills before then!



  1. Hi Melissa! Sometimes the little munckins say things that just make everything else worth it, don't they? ;-) By the way, I love all things Italy, too! I lived there for 3 years and still miss it. Now following/stalking you all the great ways we get to. Found you via the HOF Weekend Blog Hop. Have a BLESSED weekend!

    1. Oh I will have to pick your brain then! I have about a zillion Italy questions! ;) I'm going to go and 'stalk' you now!

  2. Following from the Let's Get Social Sunday hop.

    Wow, MK, you do have your hands full! Hang in there, woman!