Melissa Kaylene: Creative Kids Art Show

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creative Kids Art Show

 My kids.
 Sometimes their creativity completely surpasses my expectations. I figured something was up Sunday morning, because they were in their room for an unusual amount of time with the door shut......and they were......quiet. Anika came out and handed us an envelope, with a handwritten invitation inside, to visit their room at noon for an "art show".
 We came in and sat down on their 'couch' they made for us, and the girls started their spiel. :) It was adorable. All of their artwork was lined up on their desks and hung on the wall with index cards beside each masterpiece showing the title of the piece and asking price. Luckily they were in our budget. The girls even gave us money out of their piggie banks to buy their artwork, but we went ahead and gave them each a dollar and some change for all of their precious creations.
 I loved the time and effort they put into this. My little ladies are growing up.
And were they ever excited when they actually made money off of their hard work. ;)

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