Melissa Kaylene: Never Take Life for Granted.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Never Take Life for Granted.

never take life for granted

I have to talk about something that has been heavy on my heart for a few days now. My husband's boss lost his son. I've never met my husband's boss nor his son, but my husband knew both of them. I believe he was 8 years old.

I as a parent cannot even imagine going through the pain of loosing one of my children. Especially not at that age. Not that young. From what I heard he had just died in his sleep. Unexpectedly. I feel for my husband's boss even more because not only did his only son just die, but he himself is a doctor. As a nurse I can only empathize how much he feels like there must have been something that he could of done - a sign or symptom that he could and should have paid attention to more.

It brings tears to my eyes. 

I've been hugging my children a little tighter the past few days. It seems as if every time I finally forget about the hurt and pain that death brings to people it pops in again just to remind me that it's always there. But when it happens to children it brings me the heaviest heart of all, for they had barely begun to live their life.

It makes me wonder how much the little things matter. Like the times I said I had to clean the house instead of making a fort with my children. The times that I should have slowed down more to let them help me make dinner. The mornings that we should spend cuddling in bed reading stories instead of rushing around.

The one thing I can say about death is it makes me appreciate life more.

My family more. 

Don't live your life thinking that what is now will always be. Live your life appreciating the now and experiencing the moment - for you never know when you won't have that opportunity again.



  1. Yes, yes. Life is short, but so often we forget. Thanks for this reminder today. I needed it. No kids yet, but I will hug my husband a little tighter when he gets home from work.

  2. Thank you for this sweet and incredibly important reminder. Going to hug my babes now... ~Jenna