Melissa Kaylene: Pike Place Market

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pike Place Market

I know I've been talking quite a bit about our speedy Seattle trip last weekend, but I've got a couple more posts to go before I'm finished! One of the things I had to do this time was visit Pike Place Market. I had only been to Seattle one other time before and crossed the Space Needle off of my bucket list, but only spending one night up there leaves for crammed time and never getting to do what you had planned. So this overnight trip the market was my excursion of choice, and it did not disappoint. 

Luckily for us the weather cleared up and we had a gorgeous afternoon to walk to the market from our hotel...and after the wet weather that we had had all week I think everyone else had the same idea. The market was lively and packed full of people. 

The Pike Place Fish Co. was the first shop that caught my eye, as they perform chants and fish catching for spectators to see. Next Wayne and I bought a couple of pastries from the bakery and I wished I would have bought more! There were so many choices of baked goods that it was hard to narrow it down.

The biggest things that I noticed from the market were the flowers and produce. The colors of the bouquets were so vivid and beautiful, and the fruits and vegetables were so perfect, it was almost unreal.

 The Market parallels with the water, and on a sunny day there were breathtaking views of the Ferris Wheel and boats coming in. At the end of the Market there is a little park that people were gathering around at eating there lunch and treats that they had purchased.

 Every nook and cranny around the blocks were filled with little shops and things to discover. Street musicians lined the corners with a variety of tunes from folk to piano and something in between.

 My trip to Pike Place Market wasn't complete without walking past the original Starbucks. As much as I wanted to go inside and get an espresso from the one that started it all, I didn't have the desire to wait in line forever. So I opted for an impromptu photo in front of the store...and the line. Perhaps on the next trip...

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 Pike Place Market definitely lived up to my expectations and I loved the small town feel of it right in the heart of a big city. I would most certainly go back and visit someday and do a little more shopping and exploring. Perhaps next time! Seattle is only a four hours drive from me, so I shouldn't make my visits so few and far between.



  1. Gorgeous photography! I love Pike Place Market, and Seattle in general. I haven't been up there in almost a year. This post is definitely making me want to head back soon!

    1. There are SO many things I want to do and places I want to visit up there still! It's a beautiful city :)

  2. Great pic's.. When my husband and I went there a moth ago it was dumping the whole time! : D Got to love western Wa. : )


  3. Looks like fun! I've been to Seattle once and saw the Space Needle and Pike's Place, and the thing where they chuck the fish at you. And I went on the underground tour where they say there is a whole city underneath the city. But it is mostly just a bunch of basements.

  4. Love PPM. Your photos really capture its energy and spirit. I grew up in Seattle, so PPM was a weekly haunt. I think I know every square inch. Now that I'm a Portlander, I still miss it (and Puget Sound). Glad you had such a great time. :-)

  5. what a lovely trip. you lucked out with a beautiful Seattle day. If you ever need a caffeine fix and the line at the starbucks is crazy Seattle Coffee Works makes a mean Vacuum Pot of coffee and is right a cross the street from the main entrance.

  6. I'm headed to Pikes next weekend with my kids! Can't wait!

  7. I just love a little travel through someone else. Thanks for sharing your trip! I haven't been to Seattle in ages. I really enjoyed your photos. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I love Seattle, thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  9. Gorgeous pics! We love going there with our kids – there is always something new to see and explore!

  10. I've never been there but it looks so much fun. Your pictures are fabulous!

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Say G'day Saturday linky Party. I just shared this on Google+ and am pinning the post.

    Hope to see you again at tomorrow's party!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  11. I've been to Seattle once and LOVED the Pike Place Market. Such delicious and fresh foods. I wish we were staying someplace that I could cook, because I certainly would've tried to cook something. Thanks for sharing with Countdown in Style.