Melissa Kaylene: 11 Years Ago Yesterday

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

11 Years Ago Yesterday

11 years ago yesterday I gave birth to a 6 pound 1 oz baby girl a month premature. We spent our first two weeks together hanging out in the NICU getting to know one another. Anika has always been a fighter, a ball of energy, a girl that wants to do it all and who is not afraid of failing. We celebrated Anika's birthday last weekend with a little BBQ and sleepover for her and a few friends, then the next day Wayne and I took her out to lunch (a tradition we do with each kid on their birthday) - she chose McMenimans because they have her favorite Cajun tots and rooftop seating. We had to take cover shortly after we began eating though because an exciting lightning storm started happening. It made the meal memorable. Afterwards I took her school clothes shopping and then we got pedicures together. 

11 years ago yesterday I was a scared girl - I had a sick baby and had no idea how I was supposed to take care of an infant. 

We've both done a lot of growing since then.

Happy Birthday Anika - you'll always be my little baby girl.



  1. You threw a great party!
    Hope she had a very blessed birthday
    She's a beautiful young lady!