Melissa Kaylene: The Dinosaur Train

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Dinosaur Train

A couple of weeks ago we drove out to Hood River and took the kids for a special ride on the Mount Hood Railroad. They had a special train ride based off of the hit PBS show Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train. The special event only lasted a couple of weekends so we thought it might be fun to take the kids out for a day trip adventure.

When we arrived we were greeted with staff adorning safari outfits with matching hats and we quickly climbed aboard. The train was decorated to match the safari adventure theme and we set off on a 30 minute train ride with excited children singing the show's theme songs. Midway through the ride juice and fruit snacks were provided to the kids and when the ride was over we we stopped off at their Nature Trackers Adventure Park, where the kids had a chance to earn their own Nature Trackers membership card by completing activities. 

My kids favorite activity was digging for fossils, but there were also things like identifying dinosaur foot prints, a mini maze, an art area, and bouncy house. 

There was also a snack area (for purchase) and a magic show that kept the thoroughly entertained. We ended up staying in the activity area for about an hour and a half. This train ride is definitely geared towards younger children, but Anika is always such a good sport - she colored away, ate snow cones and laughed along with the magic show - heck she was even my only 'brave' child that posed with Buddy. ;)

After our afternoon adventure we spend the evening in Hood River, went out to dinner and played along the riverside. 

The Mt. Hood Railroad offers a variety of train rides and excursions throughout the year, including the annual Polar Express ride. If you are in the area I would definitely recommend spending the day in Hood River and explore the area with your family.

I was given free tickets to the Dinosaur Train ride, no other compensation was received. As always all opinions are my own. 

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  1. What an absolutely wonderful activity
    Looks like such fun :)