Melissa Kaylene: Taking a Mini Break and Having The Freedom to be Spontaneous

Monday, December 8, 2014

Taking a Mini Break and Having The Freedom to be Spontaneous

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The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias

Hey everyone! Like I said yesterday, this past week has been a busy one (what’s new, right?) But this week ended with a fun twist – an overnight trip to Seattle with a group of girls, most of which I hadn't seen in quite a well as the freedom to be spontaneous when I returned home. 

My childhood friend turned 30 this past October and we finally got around to celebrating it two month later! She comes from a big family, so 4 out of the 7 of us were her sisters.  We hadn't all been together in years and it was nice reminiscing while having an adventure. We went out to dinner, checked out Pike’s Place Market, and attended a food demo event. After an entire week with an average of 4-5 hours of sleep at night, I was happy, but exhausted before we left, and of course we didn't get much sleep on our one night out, so yesterday I was really wiped out, so much so that I actually dozed off on the train home – which is really unusual for me.  I was only asleep for a little bit, and it definitely helped, but I was still tired when I got home last night around 10:45.

The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias
The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias
The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias

My husband happily greeted me and I noticed the house all clean. He was doing the dishes and our Christmas tree was in the stand all ready for us to decorate it. It was so nice to come home to a house that wasn't a complete disaster. It was refreshing.

When things get busy I’ll be the first to admit that the two of us don’t spend enough time to together, and even though I wanted to just curl up and fall asleep last night I stayed up for a while. We chatted and I told him about the adventure I had while he told me about Anika's basketball games she played.
We don’t talk together often enough.

Even though I was completely exhausted I took the time to sit and spend the time with him because I noticed just how much effort he put into making the house neat – he had even pre-made a dinner for the next day for us… things he doesn't often do.

The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias

 Sometimes when women are tired things like being intimate with their spouses just don’t happen as easily as they should because of many issues, including vaginal dryness… you may remember me talking about the K-Y® Liquibead Challenge I began before Thanksgiving, and it’s definitely been helping! Even though I was tired the Liquibeads still allowed me the freedom to be spontaneous. 

The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias

The K-Y® Liquibeads can be found at Walgreens and there are 6 OVULE Inserts in each package that you insert every 3-4 days that help provide vaginal moisturization – so in other words they help make intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable again. (Not to be used if you are pregnant or nursing though, always consult with your Doctor first!)

The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias
The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias
The Freedom to be spontaneous #themoodstrikes #ad #cbias

The K-Y® Liquibeads are super easy to use, you simply:
1. Open one Liquibead package and place it on one of the disposable applicators that are provided
2. Insert the applicator – it's pretty much like inserting a tampon – and that’s it!
3. Use as directed (every 3-4 days)!

How was your weekend?


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  1. My weekend was spent nursing sick children. It was actually quite a tragedy, but on the other hand, it was nice to have a reason to just sit back and relax without having to worry about getting my hair done or putting my face on. :) It sounds like you had a super nice weekend with your girls! That's awesome! I need a girl's trip to Seattle SOON. It's my favorite place in the US. #client