Melissa Kaylene: Rain Rain Go Away + #TryDry Deodorant Spray!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away + #TryDry Deodorant Spray!

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#trydry deodorant spray #sp

The past couple of days it’s been raining like crazy here! It makes it kind of hard to work out in the rain, so I've been trying to drag my butt to the gym a couple days a week to get a little exercise. I do still normally walk and pick Emma up from school though, since we are just a soccer field away – and yesterday it was definitely a wet adventure coming home!

One thing I really hate is being sweaty – especially in the winter when it’s all cold and rainy on top of it. I feel like a stinky mess with frizzy hair! I've tried lots of deodorants and I’m not all that picky – except when I get white stains all over the inside of my favorite hoodie!

The past week I've been trying this NEW Dry Spray antiperspirant from Degree Woman which is available from Walmart. It has 48-hour protection and it is instantly dry when it’s sprayed on.  It’s been working really well!

If it can’t be dry outdoors at least I know that I won’t be all nasty and sweaty under my clothes!

#trydry deodorant spray #sp

Are you tough and work out in the rain? ;) 


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