Melissa Kaylene: Why I Took a #MEday - and Why You Should Too

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why I Took a #MEday - and Why You Should Too

Why I took a #MEday - and why you should too. #sp

We work hard. Let’s face it – between juggling the kids schedules, your spouse’s agenda, work, volunteering, after curricular activities, plus handling all of the little mundane things (like shopping, cleaning, and bills) there’s just not much time left – is there?

Sometimes I tend to overdo it, and in the past I've found myself in a vicious cycle of being over committed, completely exhausted, unable to focus, and in doing so I know that I’m not being the best ME that I know I can be – and I know I’m not the only one out here that struggle with this.

I’m not sure why we always feel the need to have an excuse to take time for ourselves, because in reality it should be a necessity. It’s not being selfish to take time for yourself. Ever.

Sometimes taking a ME day isn't necessarily an entire day or a huge planned event, sometimes it’s just making an effort to do something for you, whether that be taking a hot bath, spending half of an hour in a coffee shop solo sipping a latte, a 20 minute nap, a pedicure, or even a 30 minute workout in the gym – taking time to do all of those things will in return make you a better wife, better mother, better YOU. I make sure that I do these things on a weekly basis for ME.

Why I took a #MEday - and why you should too. #sp

Taking care of yourself makes you a better self.

According to a recent survey conducted by domain.ME 8 out of 10 participates stated that they felt stressed about their work and life balance - and that’s not right.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to have a girl’s night with a couple of friends plus some co-workers. One of my friends drove down from Astoria and she and I stayed the night at our other friend’s house. We met everyone and then went to a special movie theater that served snacks and cocktails.

Why I took a #MEday - and why you should too. #sp

After the movie the three of us went back to her house where we snacked and talked until nearly 4 am. These women, like me, are incredibly busy and I won’t lie and say that it didn't take any effort to make our girl’s night happen, but we all decided that it was a priority and made the time to have fun. I know that sounds crazy, right? But it’s so important.

Why I took a #MEday - and why you should too. #sp
Why I took a #MEday - and why you should too. #sp

Even though I was very tired the next day it was so wonderful to be able to catch up and maintain my friendships, celebrating each other’s lives, while each of us had a little ME time.

International ME day is coming up on March 16th, but we shouldn't need a set day to take time for ourselves. Everyday some small part of the day, should be devoted to spending time with ourselves.

When was the last time you took some time for you?

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  1. I love ME day, but haven't had one in ages. It looks as if you really had a lot of fun.

  2. There is a an International Me day!! Sign me up! :-) I need one of those.

    Taking time for yourself is so important and something I need to do more often to stay sane. It looks like your girls time was a blast :-)

  3. International #Meday? Sounds like a plan!!

  4. Today and everyday! Sounds like it can't happen, but it can. Just carve out that chunk of time each day to stop, breathe and do something for you- even if it is just for 10 minutes. Good tips!

  5. I really try to set aside time for a ME day for myself, but sometimes it just doesn't happen... It seems there are never-ending chores or the kids will get sick... I try to do it as often as I can, tho! That night out with your friends sounds fun and I can't remember the last time I stayed up till 4am and talked the night away with my friends!

    1. I know! It certainly doesn't happen very often sounds like you just need to do it! And yes, there's ALWAYS something happening when you have kids - never a dull moment when your a mom! :)