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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kids Summer Schedule

Well, school has officially been out for..... well not even a week. And I am going slightly crazy here! Not that I don't love my children, but all at home all day, well, lets just say that its never quiet and I've had my fair share of fights to break up. Unfortunately here the weather hasn't been told its summer yet. So I know all kids can benefit somewhat from a schedule, but mine, especially my eldest, really Need a schedule. Without one, the chaos sets in. Oh how I wish the lazy days of summer were just that. And they might be at some point. Someday. So, I threw together a little reference calendar for the kids, again, mainly my eldest. Its nothing fancy and not set in stone, but I think it will help ad some element of routine in the day. I'm thinking about adding clean-up time at 4pm....

So I put things in colors, but its just for fun, no meaning behind the colors or anything like that.
On certain days it says Lisa, and that is their daycare provider they go to when I am working or studying. Wednesdays' are pretty well planned out because there is a local reading program going on for a couple months. And then I there are free breakfasts and lunches at school we can also hit up. I'll show you next month's schedule when it gets a little closer, so you can see what I've come up with. But here was my quick idea to keep the kids under semi control. :)



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