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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girls Sleepover Craft Ideas

craft ideas for girls

So, I don't know about you, but my girls have already been begging for their friends to come over for sleepovers, now that its Summer break and all. When they have friends over I usually try to have at least one thing to keep them occupied. Here are some ideas that I have done in the past that have been a big hit. :)

 1. Pipe Cleaner Jewelry


I bought a bag of sparkly pipe cleaners in all different colors, at walmart for a couple bucks. My daughter Emma and I had tons of fun one night creating crowns and rings, necklaces, bracelets, and whatever else we could think of. She is sporting her Princess crown here, and I have a flower

2. DIY Take Home Tote Bags


The girls really loved this project. Again, Walmart has cheap canvas bags that come in sets of two, and then I purchased some iron on transfer paper and printed whatever pictures the girls liked best from their sleepover. We then ironed them onto the bags and then I let the girls go crazy with fabric paint and decorations. One of the my favorite slumber party projects. Ever.

3. Craft Masks


These are so easy and fun. All you need is paper plates, old magazines, some yarn for hair, and I used a paint stick for a handle. But really, just look around your house...most anything will work for decorations. You can read more about my mask project here.

4. Princess Wands



I actually made these for a birthday party one year and the girls
helped me. What you need:
Melting White Chocolate
Food Coloring
candy decorations
and of course, pretzels.
You also need either some wax paper or foil to line a baking
sheet with.
Simply melt the chocolate per the instructions, mix a couple drops of food coloring in. Set two small pretzels on both sides of the large pretzel stick in foiled cookie sheet and then cover with chocolate, making sure to coat both sides. Let cool, then decorate any way you'd like!

 5. Fondant Fun


Everyone can make sugar cookies, but why not take it a step further and let the kids learn how to make fondant? Its actually simpler than you think. Here is an easy recipe for you. Let them experiment with mixing colors up, and then using cookie cutters to cut the shapes out to fit on the cookies. we used gumdrops here for the flower center.

6. Party Table Cloth



I let them get super artsy on this one.... I had a sleepover before my daughters birthday and I decided to let them in on the decorations. I bought a disposable fabric tablecloth from Walmart for a few dollars, and let them decorate their hearts out, with colors and stickers etc. They all worked very hard on it, and the end result was SO cute. I didn't have the heart to throw it away, so it is now folded up in our memory box. :)

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Sleepover Ideas

Well, there is a few ideas to help inspire you the next time you have some little princesses over for a sleepover!



  1. Great ideas! Where were you when you and sis were little! I could have used ideas like those! LOL

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