Melissa Kaylene: { My Friends, My Family }

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{ My Friends, My Family }

Friends. I don't have many, I have a few. I take a long time to open up to people, and I don't take friendships lightly. I am a good friend. Anyone that knows me, knows that my friends are my family. Period. I have come to learn that you really need only a few good friends. They will pick you up when you are down, and visa versa. Many of your fondest memories will be with your friends. Family. The word family to me is not synonymous with DNA.Family is a circle that I myself create. I have created a family that I love. No matter what happens, one of us is always there for each other. People will fall in and out of friendships as people change and evolve. Because we all know change is inevitable. Once we acknowledge that people will change, and we will change, we can accept them more. Not 100% of friends will stick around, that is for sure. But ones that you love that care just as much for you will to some degree or another. You can't change people. Accepting them is the best way.

 What silly things have you done with your friends? I was on a kick one year to stop and take pictures with all of the silly rings we saw when we were shopping or at a trade show. It made for some laughs and memories. Remember. It's the little things in life you will remember. And Love.



  1. Where did you find all those delicious rings? They're fabulously sparkly!

    1. Target, and vendors from a woman's show! :)

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