Melissa Kaylene: 31 Fun Kid Activities to do in the Summer!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

31 Fun Kid Activities to do in the Summer!

summer activities for kids

I can't believe summer is moving so quickly this year! 4th of July came and before you know it we will be well into July. I don't know about you, but my kids are always pestering me to go do something. They are always on the go. So I have compiled a list of 31 fun, inexpensive activities you can do in the summer to keep them occupied, as well as keep you sane. :)

1. Take them to the park. - This is a no brainer! The park is free fun. Check out 5 reasons why you should be taking your kids to the park here.

summer activity for kids

2. Ice cream anyone? - Kids love ice cream, and you know you do to. ;) Bribe them with a trip to your local DQ on a hot afternoon...better yet, take them to a local ice cream shop and support a small business!

3. Take them to the library. - Seriously, I don't know about your kids, but mine love looking at new books, and recently got themselves library cards {that they are very proud of}. Even if your kid isn't an avid reader, take them anyways, and encourage reading!

4. Pick Berries. - I absolutely love taking the kids to a local farm and spend the afternoon picking berries. Blueberries are my favorite to pick with the kids because they are easy, and  have no sharp thorns. We always treat ourselves to a smoothie at the farmer's stand when we are done!

5. Have a craft day. - Spend some time online looking through blogs for some fun crafts to make with the kids. Channel your inner child and participate as'll be surprised how happy it makes you feel!  Here's a simple, fun craft to get you started.

6. Go the back yard. - Seriously, my kids freak out when we set the tent up in our yard! And its so much easier than really going camping. ;) Go all out and roast hot dogs and make smores, and sing a song or two around the BBQ!

7. Pack a picnic. - Have you kids help with the food preparation, and go on an adventure walk to find the perfect spot for your picnic. Don't forget the camera and sunscreen!

8. Slumber Party!!! - I know, I know, slumber parties are still a source of anxiety for me as well...but do it anyways. Sure your house will be completely thrashed when its over, but you will be the coolest mom around ;) Check out some Girl's Slumber Party Ideas here.

activities to do in the summer

9. Take a trip to the beach. - If you don't live close, take them to the lake, river, pool, ...somewhere where there is water, and let them play, and explore for the afternoon.

10. Check out a National Park. - we've been to a couple recently. These parks are usually day trips, and there is lots of wildlife and outdoor adventures to be had. You can check out our recent trip to Crater Lake. Some of these parks charge a small fee to get in, usually like $10...pack a lunch and you've got a cheap day of fun!

summer activities for kids

11. Bubbles! - My kids {heart} bubbles! Seriously, totally cheap, entertainment. You COULD just go buy some, or you could get extra creative and just make your own. Its super easy, and here is a set of good instructions from Hellobee.

12. Pretty Pedi's! - Okay, so this is one for the girls, but oh-so-much fun! Here's a few designs to ponder on...

activities to do in the summer

13. Friday Night Movie Night - Let them pick out a movie, cuddle in their sleeping bags, stay up late eat lots of popcorn!

14. Explore a Saturday Market - Its prime season right now, and there are lots of tasty treats and homemade items to check out!

15. Chalk it up. - Go grab a box of the brightest chalk you can find and create a chalk village together on the sidewalk or driveway!

16. Take them Bowling. - This is a great one for an especially hot day. I know many local bowling alleys have cheap and even free kids bowling hours during the summer!

17. Make Pizza Rolls! - Simple and fun, and the kids will feel so proud that they made dinner!  Here's  a recipe I threw together, but get creative and make your own!

summer activity for kids

18. Go Rock Hunting. - My kids love to collect rocks. No joke. I find them on my living room carpet, in their booster seats, their pockets. Well, if you can't beat 'em; join 'em. Go rock hunting, find the most interesting rocks you can, and then take them home and let the kids paint them. They can make little animals, bugs, food, whatever they think that rock should be :) Then at least you have a colorful rock collection!

19. On with the show! - Hang a sheet from somewhere as a backdrop, and let them get creative and put on a talent show. My kids love to do this, then wait until their dad gets home to perform in front of us - and of course record their spectacular performance so you can watch it again, and again. ;)

20. Have a backwards day. - Let them put their clothes on backwards, and eat dessert for breakfast, then dinner. Have breakfast for dinner that things that you normally do in opposite order! They'll love it!

21. Have a "Coffee" date. - my kiddos love their coffee {you know, the steamer type :) } so every now and then I take them down for coffee time. Sometimes I do it individually, other times all together. Sometimes we walk. It definitely makes them feel big like mommy.

summer activity for kids

22. Go to a Children's Museum. - This is on my to-do list still for this summer. There's a couple great ones fairly close to me. Always make sure you check out the website online, because some of them have certain days of the month with reduced, or free admission!

23. Board Games and Floats. - Break out the family games, and have game night. Get some vanilla ice cream { if you are feeling extra "wonder-woman'y" make some! }, and buy some root beer and orange soda and have a good ol time!

24. Visit a county fair. - Tips to keep costs down: Go on family day, pack lots and lots of snacks and drinks,and make sure you let everyone know ahead of time how many rides they can have, as well as how many goodies you will buy! Check out all of the 4H animals and make it a learning experience too!

25.  Have a Tea Party. - This can be something that you do with just your children {and their stuffed friends} OR you could let them make invitations for a couple of their friends and have a play date one afternoon.

26. Have a "Travel the World" week! - I still have to try this one. Pick 5 places that you and your kids are interested about. Use the WWW and the library to learn some cool stuff about there, print some pictures, and make a 'travel' scrap book. Find authentic recipes to make, and create a themed dinner every night for those 5 days! Use your will be fun to look back through the scrapbook, and you will all learn a thing or two. :)
P.S. You know Italy will be on the top of my list!

27. Go ride a bike! - Family bike ride, need I say more? It's a must for summer!

28. Make some Fun PB&J Kabobs! -Here's my kids' and their reactions the first time I made them!

29. Sit Down together, and make a Fall Bucket List - There is SO many fun fall activities as well, back to school, pumpkin patches, Halloween, hay rides, October fest festivals, ... do some research on what's going on around you, and then plan for the next season of fun!

30. Take pictures from all of your summer activities! - Make a scrap book together! It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but let them decorate it up, and write about their summer adventures. It will be something you will cherish forever. Promise.

31. Stop and smell the flowers. - I don't know about you, but we always seem to be rushing from one place to another, in a hurry. The other day I was telling my four year old to hurry up, and I turned around and saw her standing there, just smelling all of the flowers. We need to remember to slow down, enjoy the little things and cherish the chaos that comes along with having children!

summer activity for kids

Hope this gives you some ideas! Comment if you have any fun activities to do in the summer that you'd like to share! :)



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  5. Melissa, I know I have said this before, but honestly, you are the best mother I have ever seen in the world. As for your craftiness, Martha Stewart can retire now. One of my biggest regrets is not spending time like that with you girls. Back then I had no idea that was what being a mother was. I'd never seen or heard of anything like that. I am SO proud of you. If it wasn't for your red hair and your Dad following your every move in the hospital, I'd swear you were switched at birth! If you have never read about the Proverbs 31 woman, you should...they were talking about YOU!

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