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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life Unexpected.

Well, it has been quite the little weekend around here. My daycare provider was the sweetest ever, and realized I was having a tough time this past week with the kids, so she offered to take them Saturday for a sleepover...all three! There is only one other person (Carolyn! <3 ) that will even offer to watch all the kids, so I was more than happy. I knew the kids would have a fun break too.

I dropped them off around lunch time and then kept myself busy until my husband got off of work. I decided to window shop on third street in Mcminnville, and visit the public market they have every Saturday. I browsed through the tasty homemade breads and chocolates, rummaged through second hand books and peeked at all of the precious handmade jewelry and artwork galore. There was an aura of family friendliness mixed with a hippy flair. I felt at home. :)

fresh locally grown fruits and vegetabes

I finally drug myself away when Wayne told me he was heading home. Our plan was to have a quiet evening at home, and cook up some fun new dinner recipe together, and end the evening in the backyard with a fire pit and a bottle of wine. Well, it seems when you make plans, it is almost a sure thing they will be broken. My step-grandfather was rushed from Southern Oregon to the VA in Portland Thursday. What they once thought to just be a large hernia bugging him turned out to be much more. He kept insisting for two months something else was going on, and it wasn't until this week they found a large tumor wrapped around his spine, and in his bladder. The performed surgery immediately, and luckily no damage happened to his spinal chord. The tumor had deteriorated 1 1/2 of his lumbar vertebrae; doctors were able to replace them with steel rods and a metal cage. So far, he is doing remarkably well. We went to visit him, and our family, putting our 'date' on hold.
They are currently still testing to see what type of cancer he has. Depending on the results, we will see if radiation/chemotherapy, or surgical removal of his bladder will be the next move.

He is extremely positive.
It amazes me.

Wayne and I didn't leave the hospital until nearly 9pm, and we were starving. Luckily we made it to Rose's before they closed and inhaled the world's best Reuben sandwich, onion rings and a chicken apple salad with candied walnuts and mozzarella cheese. We took some creme brulee' cheesecake and a slice of chocolate cake to go and eat around our fire, but by the time we got home we were just to exhausted. We fell asleep and woke up, ate breakfast, and went to get the kiddos.

Things don't always go exactly how you want, but sometimes knowing that you made someone elses day and did the right thing, makes everything worth it.

Life is short.

And when you're feeling down and sorry for yourself, remember to count all of the blessings you have in your life - starting with your health, because we seem to take that for granted.

Happy Mommy Monday. Remember to breathe. <3

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