Melissa Kaylene: A Peter Pan Adventure

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Peter Pan Adventure

A couple weeks ago we were blessed with the opportunity to take the kids to the Northwest Children's Theater and School in Portland for their popular Peter Pan performance I actually kept it a surprise until Christmas Day, and then had the kids take the tickets out of their stockings and watched
the excitement on Anika's face as she realized what they were, and tell Emma and Noah what they were going to get to do the very next day.

I had never been to the theater before and was pleasantly surprised at the size of it, it's not too large so there really was no bad views. The room filled with excitement and anticipation as children and adults alike wondered on how the classic story would be visually told on stage.

 They did a wonderful job.

The casting was perfect, and the characters came to life on stage, engaging the audience in the story.

It is such a great beloved tale that people of all ages can relate too, so it was wonderful for all 5 of us to go and enjoy ourselves! Noah was excited by Captain Hook, Emma loved the Tinkerbell and mermaid parts, and Anika loved the excitement and was probably a little smitten by Peter Pan himself. ;)

After the show ended, they characters were out in the lobby mingling with everyone for photos and autographs. The kids were really excited to have their pictures taken with the stars of the show, and Noah had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes when Captain Hook dared him to grab onto his hook

Thank you Tabitha from the PDX Kids Calendar for giving us an amazing Christmas Gift, and Thanks to the Northwest Children's Theater for keeping the storytelling magic alive! I can't wait to see another performance someday!


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  1. That looks like fun! When I worked in schools we used to take the kids to the children's theater once a year. It was so cool that they got to actually interact with the actors (whoa weird sentence) and I thought it was a great introduction to theater for them.