Melissa Kaylene: My Wish For You

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Wish For You

At the end of the day on my blog, it's my desire to inspire you to live your life fully in whatever aspect of it you can - through creation, exploration, and living intentionally.

There's always going to be hopes, desires, wishes that aren't easy to grasp in the now - but don't let that stop you from experiencing life this very moment. Don't keep chasing what you think you want, only to forget about what you've got.

We all struggle.

I want you to get out and enjoy the local life around you. 

Create moments, and things together with your family and friends.

What is your definition of life and living? I've had many personal encounters with people at the end of their life, (like here) and each and every time I'm left amazed of our journey's.

What do you want your journey to be?

Your kids will look back someday and realize that the little details here and there were really extra bursts of love for them.

But even while your learning to appreciate life and live in the moment - don't stop dreaming and setting goals.

These are my wishes for you.


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  1. Beautiful. I hope to do the same on my site. Thank you for linking up and sharing at Countdown in Style.