Melissa Kaylene: Beginning Band.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beginning Band.

This fall Anika started 5th grade band. I still can't believe this is her last year of grade school. She chose to learn the trumpet and she seems to be doing very well. 

A few weeks ago she had her first band performance and I was pleasantly surprised at how well all of these kids performed. I was half expected to cringe a time or two but I did not. Smiles were covering parents faces for the 20 minute performance, and the kids enjoyed a cookie buffet after their success.

Two children from each instrument were chosen to play a solo during a piece and I was very proud that Anika was one of them. I learned that we were very blessed that even in our tiny town nearly half of the 5th graders are in band. It's wonderful that they all have the opportunity to play.

We'll see if she continues next year or not, but she seems to enjoy it.

 My little girl is growing up.


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