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Monday, February 24, 2014

Life Lately

It seems like its been forever since I wrote about what we've been up to lately. I can't believe how quickly February is flying by and there's only a few days left! Even though I haven't been nearly as busy this month as I normally am, having a cold/sinus infection for two weeks really kicked my butt!

Wayne had to work this, so I took the kids up to Portland Saturday and we checked out the Home and Garden Show at the Expo center. 

I had won admission tickets from the PDX Pipeline so we went and checked out all of the booths and beautiful outdoor displays. The kids were in awe of this old claw-foot tub turned into an outdoor spa with a shower sprinkling down . 

There were beautiful flower displays and table settings that made me long for summertime again.

After our adventures at the Home and Garden Show we drove over to the Northwest Children's Theater to see Goodnight Moon thanks to the PDX Kids Calendar. The kids were so excited to go back to the theater since we saw Peter Pan which was an amazing performance. The kids were not disappointed and the show was a little shorter - perfect for younger kids. They had a girl that interacted in the performance, but also interpreted the play with American Sign Language, which really captivated Anika's attention.

The final program of the year will be Little Red Riding Hood....the kids are already begging to watch it! I think they may be getting a tad bit spoiled ;) but I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to do this things with them. 

Sunday Wayne had to work a half day, but other than that we all just relaxed at home and didn't really do much of anything. It was great. This week I work a couple evening shifts and then I'm just planning out next month's schedule. Soccer is starting up again, but unfortunately Anika's wonderful coach that she had for years isn't coaching anymore and their solid team has dwindled down and now Parks and Rec is trying to ship Anika over to a different town's team. I'm really sad about it and I'm not sure what I'll do. She's been playing through the McMinnville Parks and Rec for years, and only has one year left to play with them before she's too old, and then there is no soccer offered in Middle she would have to go on a traveling team until High School. I just don't know if I could handle it? I know she loves soccer and I hate to see her not being able to play for years, but I don't know how much more time a league would take from our schedule?

Do any of you have children in sports leagues? Any tips or suggestions? Thanks!!



  1. So awesome that you won tickets to the Home & Garden Show from PDX Pipeline! Looks like it was a lot of fun, although I always leave those shows with way too many ideas that I never implement ;)

    My daughter plays soccer and even though this last season was her first, I know what you're talking about, as we've had friends go through the same sort of thing. It's tough when they love it so much! My friends ended up doing the traveling soccer thing, and they just make adjustments elsewhere in their lives/schedules. I know it's a tough call to make though.

    1. Thanks Marlynn! I am still deciding what to do...I think I may try and juggle her on the Mcminnville team this spring since we have already signed up and then check out further options for this fall. It just may mean she can't make it to every single practice or might have to leave early. As much as I hate to say it, I can't do EVERYTHING! ;)

  2. Ha ha, I love the contrast of how reverent they seemed of the beauty at the Garden show and them being goofs at the theater!