Melissa Kaylene: Begin the journey with me :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Begin the journey with me :)

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I am brand spanking new at this, so forgive me if it takes a little while for me to catch on. Let me introduce myself name is Melissa, I'm nearly 27, and as you might have guessed, yup I live in the Willamette Valley. Why am I a wonder woman you might ask? Well, if you asked me directly, I'd probably tell you I'm not! But I have had others tell me that I am before, probably because I tend to dabble in a little of everything and always have my hands full! I have three children, Anika 8; Emma 4; and Noah who will be two next month! My husband Wayne works more than full time as a highly experienced vineyard manager, and when I'm not busy as a domestic goddess I work a few shifts a month as a charge nurse for a local skilled nursing facility, and I also host some in-home parties for adult women. I am one of those people who will never run out of things to do on my bucket list, whether its attempting to organize and de-clutter my house, crafting up things (with or without the kids), or trying a new creative recipe, I will share it all! So get ready, grab a glass of vino, and enjoy the journey with me!



  1. Hey Sister :-) Good luck and congrats on starting your own blog, I know I'll be viewing it quite often lol. Oh...and by the way peoples...she's just being modest, she is totally a wonder woman!!! Luv ya Sista <3

  2. Awe you are so sweet! Thanks sista! <3