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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sun, Sun, Beautiful Sun!

Yesterday was the first beautiful day of the year! We have been having a cold, wet spring, and the lack of sun was really getting everyone spirits down. Well, this weekend has been our lucky weekend! Yesterday highs around 70 and today highs up to 80! Makes me feel like its July, not April! Well, yesterday was my daughters last soccer game as well, and what a treat to play a spring soccer game in the warm sun!

The girls did a fabulous job and beat out their toughest competition (they are the two best teams in the county and this was their best out of 3 games), they played super hard and earned every goal! So I guess that unofficially makes our team the best around :) The girls have a fabulous coach, and that makes a world of difference!

The Seaweeds!!
Wayne and I enjoying the Sun at the soccer game!
Ice Cream at Serendipity!
Afterwards we drove downtown in Mcminnville to Serendipity for Ice Cream with the grandparents. Its this little old fashioned ice cream parlor with umpteen amounts of flavors and sundae options. Then we took a stroll downtown, and I think half of the town had the same idea as us! Everyone was flocking downtown to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Later I made a cold pasta salad and we sat outside on our back deck and played a mean game of Po-Ke-No. Emma (my 4 year old) got SO excited when she won that instead of shouting "Po-Ke-No!" She said, "Mommy! Mommy! I got a Taquito!!!" I about died laughing!

All in all, the sun really helped everyones grumpy moods change! And we are in luck, there is one more day of sunshine in the forecast today, and we are going out to enjoy it! In fact, we are going to BBQ with family, and I'm making the potato salad right now!
Happy Sunday!

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  1. It sure sounds like you all had a great time! This blog is great, and I love the photos! Yaaa Seaweeds!