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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Bit of History, a Little Bit of Fun...

Last Saturday we decided to take the kids to the Yamhill County Farm Fest, where the historical society does their annual plowing competition with draft horses. Admission was dirt cheap, $3 for adults, kids under 12 were free. There was fun activities for the kids, and there was a little education mixed in with it. There was sawmill and blacksmith demonstrations, art show, a tour of the museum, music, food, and of course the horses! There was even a hayride to shuttle you back and forth from your car.

  A crazy quilt, made in 1928!


 The girls loved planting sunflower seeds, and Emma got to sit on a big girl saddle....

 There was baby chicks and geese (gosling's I should say) that captured Noah's interest...along with all of the cool old cars!

                      Anika decided she was going to be my Vanna White and be the car model!

One of the Draft horses after a day of hard work!

All in all we had a fun family afternoon, the weather was perfect, and with lunch included our grand total spent for the day was $25...not bad! I encourage you to look around locally and find a fun event to attend, it teaches our kids history, and helps support the local community!
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  1. Horses are awesome! You know I love draft horses, especially Shires and my favorites, Clydesdales! It looks like you all had a great time, and you are in a great place to visit a lot of sites. There are a lot down here, too, if you are into outdoors, but you already knew that!