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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Job/Chore Chart!

So, I have been working hard today with my organizing and creating my own "Home Management Binder", which I'm pretty excited about! When I get it all finished I will show it all on here. As I was going through my folders I came across the chore chart I made for my eldest daughter last year. She has her regular expected chores that she does around the house, but she doesn't get an allowance, so I created the Job book. I outlined different jobs that she could do to earn some extra money. These jobs aren't mandatory, and can be done whenever she pretty much feels like it. I made step by step instructions on how to do the job, so there wouldn't be any complaining or confusion, and then at the end I put a value on the much she would 'earn' if she completed the task. This works good because she can pick what she wants to do (as long is it hasn't just already been cleaned) and then she follows the directions, and earns the money. Believe me, she doesn't do them too often, so really I'm not ouch much money here,...but if I can get her to help out here and there, heck ya I'll throw a dollar her way :)
The first introduction page

Different chores include vacuuming (which rooms to do, make sure to pick things up off the floor, etc.), cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, washing windows....
and sweeping/mopping the kitchen floor. I even threw in a bonus on the end, that if she does all five chores well, in one single day, she earns a cash bonus of $5.00! Ya, that sounds like a lot, BUT it's never happened before, and if she would do all of that work, it would save me a lot of time and I'd gladly hand the cash over...

So, that's my blog for the day! I'm also working on a blog category list, with hopes to have different themed blog days....I'll let you know as soon as its finalized!

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  1. Sooo cool! Wish I could follow my own lists! I have them all over the place, but I seem to make the lists much better than I am at accually doing the chores! LOL I have also tried paying David to do chores here as much as I would pay Sue, but that has only been accomplished one time...some times even money won't get someone motivated will it! LOL