Melissa Kaylene: Weekend Recap & Mommy Monday Inspiration

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap & Mommy Monday Inspiration

     Well, the weekend is over again, and the rain has returned in Oregon. We were spoiled with above average temperatures for well over a week and the sun really helped brighten every ones mood. But today I am okay with the clouds and rain, as I sit here with my cup of coffee and my two Little's watching Max and Ruby on Nick Jr. I could be washing the dishes or one more load of my never-ending laundry.... but that can wait for a while. There are toys strung out on my living room floor, and Sundays newspaper is scattered on the coffee table. Normally I wouldn't be so relaxed on a Monday morning, because normally I am running errands and straightening up after the weekend. But tonight I am working a night shift, and so I know (from experience unfortunately) that today I need to slow down a notch and conserve my energy a little bit more as I will be up until almost 9 am tomorrow, and then I usually only sleep until noon or 1pm (or else I have trouble going back to sleep at night time) Night shift completely throws me off schedule and I know I end up getting jipped on the Zzzz's. But I am blessed that I only have to do this a few times a month. I used to work night shift full time before I had three kids. I never got enough sleep, I just couldn't force myself to sleep the whole day away, and then get up and go back to work. And I am not the kind of person that wants to pop a sleeping pill every morning because I 'have to'. So for the mom's out there that work full time night shifts, I commend you.

    On this Mommy Monday I've been pondering what to write about, and not alot popped into my head at first. The weekend flew by as usual as Wayne worked part of Saturday away, and I did the never ending job of housekeeping and taking care of the kids. Saturday evening my bestie Carolyn came over and we went out to celebrate a friends birthday - which just happened to be the same time as McMinnville's big annual UFO festival. So we HAD to dress up ;). It was a great little break from long emotional week.
UFO festival
UFO festival
UFO festival

UFO festival
 Sunday came, and it was 'grandma's' 89th birthday, so we threw together a little celebration at our house with Chinese food and brownies and ice cream.

   The next three weekends will be busy as well, Memorial weekend we are driving down to southern Oregon (4 hour drive, without stopping for the kids a half dozen times) because my Great Aunt is coming in from Texas, and we will be able to stop in and say hi to my mom for a day as well. The weekend after that, if all goes as planned, we will be extending out fence out. We've recruited a few friends and hope to get it done in a day. Its not a huge fact I think there will be a post on it in the near future :). The weekend AFTER that is someone's 27th birthday. Not sure what I'll be doing yet!.

                                     Monday Inspiration___________________

    I've been reflecting alot lately on my personal life, and trying to define what it is. Yes, I am a mom, and I love being a mom to death, but there are many ups and downs (which I will not go into detail as of right now), but lets just say SOMETIMES I question that saying that God only gives you as much as you can handle... because sometimes (well alot of the time) I feel like I am beyond that point. But I think I just need a break to reflect on things to make me appreciate it a little bit more. So, I'm a mom, and I am a nurse...not the nurse I WANT to be, but alas, a nurse (There's a little joke about LPNs vs. RNs....LPN's are L.ow P.aid N.urses, and RNs are the R.eal Nurses ) sure, I cannot wait until I am a Real Nurse someday, mostly because of the increased job opportunities, and increase pay. Increase pay to me means working part time and still being able to bring home decent money for our family. Right now it is my goal to not have to work full time. Not while I'm raising the kids at least. So, Mom, and Nurse,...but what else am I? What makes me tick? Who am I? We all get so lost in our busy day to day activities that I think we forget who we are, or we are constantly thinking about the future and how much better that will be than the present. I encourage you to sit down and write down what makes you you. What defines you? How to you want to be remembered? If we can get a clearer picture on who we are then we can more easily decide who we don't want to be. Little things that we do on a daily basis should compound and help create ourselves, not distract ourselves from who we want to be. Let me explain. One thing I want to be defined as in life is a good friend. To me, relationships are very important. So, if I want to be a good friend, what do I have to do on a weekly basis? Is it making sure I have called a friend that I know has been having a rough time? How about scheduling a lunch with one so we can catch up? Or even setting up a play date with another so our kids can play too, while we sip on coffee and chat? I do not have many friends, I have a few close friends. To me, a friend is someone I consider family. Part of that I believe defines me. So sit down, write a list of what is 'you' and break it down. If you have children obviously Mom will be on that list, but make sure that part of that list is for yourself. If you want to be a successful person, well, define success. Whatever you write down, break it down as far as you can and see what you come up with! I've done it before, but I'm going to do it again. It really puts your priorities into perspective. I read a blog today  and she wrote an amazing piece that I just have to share,

"Peace must be found in the very life that is lived and breathed, not the moments in between."

So stop thinking about how better things will be in the future, and accept things as they are today and make them the best days! We only live once! Make it count! Happy Mommy Monday everyone,

                                                              <3 Melissa

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  1. What an incredible blog today! When I get my head cleared, I'd like to put your blog out there a bit for more to read. Yes, you are my daughter, but I read a lot of blogs, and truly, this is one of the best I've read. I sure am proud of you! You are an incredible person!