Melissa Kaylene: Pretty Painted Pedicures :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pretty Painted Pedicures :)

Happy Monday! It was a busy weekend over here, with family over and my sons second birthday! We decided to just do a little lunch with family at Izzy's buffet, and then we loaded everyone up and drove up to Portland to see Sesame Street Live! The best part was, I kept everything a secret until last minute, so the kids had no clue! Stay tuned, pictures will be posted for my Family Fun Friday post :)

I also stopped at a local winery on Saturday to finally sample some of their wine.....I had bought a Groupon deal, which included to tasting flights and two bottles of wine. We left with that and also a bottle of their flavored sea salt and a mini bottle of white truffle oil. I've always wanted to try it, but haven't been brave enough until now...hmm perhaps a recipe will be created for Tasty Tuesdays in the future....

So, since I have introduced you to my love for pretty polished toes, I thought I would show some of my favorites that I have remembered to photograph. One thing I love about pedicures, is that you can look down at you feet and see something pretty, a little splash of color, a little artwork. You can change it depending on you mood, or the time of year, and it makes even the ugliest feet look a little more friendly! I can't get mine professionally painted as often as I'd like, so when I do, I always make sure that I put them to work and make it look extra special, because I can paint my toes, but don't have the patience to make them look this cute!

cute pedicures

This was the pedicure I got for my sons baby shower...mine is on the right, my friends is on the left...

cure pedicures

not a good photo, but it was a french pedicure, with a light glitter over the whole nail, and a black tip with a pink highlight....was so cute!

cute pedicures

Red with white polka dots created by yours truly :)

cute pedicures

I <3 this and my girls. I went and had a pedi, then they wanted one so bad, I painted their toes to match mine!

pretty pedicure

Interesting orange design they created on my toes
cute pedicures

and a twist on the french classic... glitter with black tips...

Have a Happy 'Mommy' Monday, and make sure you do something just for you today!

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