Melissa Kaylene: Financial Goal Update: March/April

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Financial Goal Update: March/April

Yes. I know. I skipped last month's budget update. If you read this post you probably have figured out why. My husband lost his job very unexpectedly which really threw me in a daze. Things are working out okay now, but I've had to be even more creative and faithful this past month.

Luckily his unemployment has begun coming in, and even though it's half of what his income was; it's better than nothing.

Remember when I was so excited that we paid off our car early? (read here) Well, I'm even more grateful for that now. The only other monthly expense we had to cut was our babysitter - for now. So that is saving us quite a bit every month.

Unfortunately for a co-worker, she has been out of work for the past month with an injury. That means for me more hours though. Even though it's night shift, I have been able to pick up enough hours to match Wayne's unemployment so we are netting what he earned.

Things are going okay. Credit Cards aren't getting paid down as much as I had planned, and savings aren't adding up right now, but for now, we are adapting.

At the end of the day, all of the bills are paid, we have our own little house with a fenced backyard that is wonderful for the kids with the sunny spring weather.

I'm working more, but not overworking, and the kids are actually able to spend some time with Daddy.

I'm just living week to week, enjoying the moments, being thankful for what I do have --- and still dreaming of that trip to Italy. <3


  1. Keep it up - it's so hard to be faithful when the trials come...but that's why we have faith in the first place right?

    YOU are doing an AWESOME job mommy!

  2. A budget is something my hubby and I desperately need to create, and stick to. This was a perfect post for me today. It's an encouragement to know people are following budgets and it's not impossible.